The Master of Quality Products

MasterChem Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to exceeding your expectations, with products and services that are born from innovation and experience.

Innovative adhesive products and related compounds designed fit your unique needs

MasterChem Solutions work with you one-on-one to create customized products to meet your specific requirements.

We manufacture, sell and distribute:

  • Fiber Optic Cable Filling and Flooding Compounds
  • Flame Retardant Power Cable Compounds
  • Waterbased and Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Purge Compounds
  • Industrial Cleaners/Degreasers
  • Custom manufactured products for our clients’ specific needs

Areas Covered

We provide a range of Mastergel Filling Compounds for Fiber Optic Cable, Cable Compounds, Waterbased and Hot Melt Adhesives, Cleaners and Hot Melt Purge, Industrial Coatings, Laundry Sizing / Starch and Toll Manufacturing to many companies worldwide.

Our Quality Policy

“MasterChem Solutions and our employees strive for continuing quality and product improvement. We will consistently provide the most effective products and services that meet the quality expectations of our customers.”

Jerry J. Patterson