MasterChem Solutions offers the optimum purge compound for use with several materials. Tests have
proven that the MasterChem Solutions Hot Melt Purge Compound (Product #R-1744) outperforms
competitive products in effectively purging or cleaning hot melt manufacturing vessels. It can remove
degrading adhesive, gels and even char buildup from the sides of vessels.

This compound is great for simple equipment cleanup or to change from one adhesive to another. It can
be used with:

  • EVA,
  • Polyolefin,
  • Acrylic, and
  • Rubber-based adhesives.

R-1744 Hot Melt Purge Compound is easy to use:

  • Stir product well before using.
  • Drain system of all hot melt adhesive.
  • Add R-1744 to pot and heat to a temperature between 350°F and 400°F.
  • Turn pump on and circulate for one longer or longer if significant char has built up.
  • Drain system completely and discard material; add hot melt adhesive and discard first few minutes
    of adhesive.

CAUTION: This product is never to be used near an open flame.