Fiber Optic Cable

MasterChem Solutions has been at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of filling and flooding compounds since the beginning of the fiber-optic cable industry. With the creation of its patented line of Mastergel products, MasterChem Solutions has partnered with and supplied almost every major cable manufacturer. Today, we offer a wide array of filling and flooding compounds and are equipped to formulate a product to match every cable size, tube material, application processing equipment type and environmental use. Contact us today to see how we can meet your needs with any of the following product types:

Mastergel for Loose Tube Designs Mastergel for Ribbon Cable Designs
Masterlite Low Density Compounds Hydrogen Absorption Gels
Subsea Application Gels and Compounds High Temperature Gels
Filling Gels for Multiple tube materials Low Temperature Gels
Filling Compounds for PE and PP tubing Low Cost Compounds for use with PBT

Power Cable

Masterchem Solutions has the designs and manufacturing ability to offer a range of flooding compounds for use in the production of Power Cable. These include overhead high voltage cables, underground cables and specially formulated fire retardant applications. These can be created in an array of viscosities and densities, some with properties to expand to fill voids that may occur during installation or form natural aging and environmental circumstances. All products are non-dielectric and impervious to fungal growth.

Co-axial Cable

MasterChem Solutions offers an array of compounds for use in the production of co-axial cable. As in the case of our power cable compounds, these can be formulated in a range of viscosities densities and flexibilities.

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