MasterChem Solutions, Inc. is a manufacturer of a diverse array of formulations supplied to a broad base of industrial and commercial markets. Our innovative products include the patented Mastergel line of filling and flooding compounds used worldwide by the fiber-optic cable industry. We also produce a very wide assortment of water based resin and dextrin adhesives, industrial cleaners and uniquely engineered liquids, gels and compounds for custom- manufacture applications.


After nearly 20 years of experience in the manufacture of chemical, paints and adhesives, our founder, Jerry J. Patterson formed Master Adhesives, Inc. in 1979 in Norcross, Georgia. As the name implies, the initial focus in the production of water based, acrylic and hot melt adhesives. We served the then growing industrial markets, first in Georgia, then within all the Southern US, then eventually supplied products throughout most of the US. In time, the company developed several specialty cleaners, purge compounds, starches, degreasers and unique formulations requested by its adhesive clients. Some of these products were later used in automotive, restaurant, hotel and flooring industries to name a few.

In the mid 1980’s the fiber optic cable industry was evolving. The company worked with many of the industries technical leaders to create and manufacture long-lasting superior products for this new and fast expanding industry. Our Mastergel line of filling and flooding compounds is still in use today. Many variations have been created and are in development to meet the ever expanding needs of this vibrant industry across the globe. To better match the quality needs of these high tech industries and global corporations, we voluntarily registered for and were granted ISO 9001 International Standard Certification.

To be more representative of the true nature of the Company as a “solutions provider” with a wide range of products to a changing set of industries, we changed our name to MasterChem Solutions, Inc. We are in the same Norcross location, although expanded in production space, product mix, capability and outlook.

Today, MasterChem Solutions remains true to its roots as a solutions manufacturer, while setting the standard for providing solutions to the changing industries that we serve.

To learn more about our existing product line and our ability to formulate products to your distinct requirements, contact us today. We can provide professional solutions to your company’s needs.

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