Become a Distributor/Sales Agent


We at MasterChem Solutions recognize the value of having distributors located closer to a specific customer base or market. Many of our products are well suited for localized distribution or repackaging for resale in smaller quantities or container sizes. These products include water based adhesives, purge compounds, specialized cleaners and degreasers, among others. We also understand the relationship between a respected manufacturer and an established distribution network. We are seeking distributors that are already familiar with specific industrial categories or geographic markets. Please contact us to share our concepts with you and explore where we might join forces to expand our market reach.

Sales Agencies and Representatives

Masterchem Solutions is fortunate to be active in a wide array of markets with a varied number of products. We have created a compensation plan to be utilized by experienced Sales Professionals and Sales Agencies. We are seeking individuals or companies already established in specific industries or geographic markets. Adding the Masterchem Solutions line of products currently to a portfolio of other offerings would benefit the representative as well as our Company. Creating new products to meet ever-changing needs of Industrial and Commercial markets is another potential path to our joint success. We have the interest and the skills to work with you to create an offering for specialized applications.

Who To Contact

If you wish to open a dialogue with Masterchem Solutions about becoming a Distributor of our products or to become a Sales Agency or Representative, we encourage you to contact our General Manager, Richard Favreau by phone at 770-447-5025 or email at